Friday, June 27, 2014

That One Customer...

Final Animation for Ani 115, Spring 2014
Please enjoy!

The Book Thief: Character and Environment Design Spring 2014

The above pages were submitted as final work for character designs. We were asked to read The Book Thief as a Visual Development exercise to reference throughout the entire semester. 

I struggled miserably with perspective in the above pieces as well as color. Over the summer of 2014, I intend to study, study, STUDY so that I may dive back into designing environments that feel lived in so that the viewer themselves may experience the rich history of who and what passed through.

Talkin 'bout my girl.

WIP. Took a minute to draw my favorite mermaid. 

Anatomy the Joe Weatherly way.

Today I decided to break out my Weatherly guide to drawing animals. I went on a walk with my fur babies this morning and was inspired to draw them, however, I found myself getting frustrated by observation because I did not know what was underneath. Hence! Weatherly!